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The Pug is a toy breed that was developed as a lap dog – these dogs were originally bred to literally sit on people’s laps.
The Pug breed is known for its lively personality and for its wrinkled skin – these dogs are also known for their bulging eyes. The Pug’s eyes are part of what makes this breed unique and easy to...
The name you choose for your Pug is more than just what you say when you want your puppy to come – it should also be a reflection of your puppy’s personality and temperament. Choosing a name for your...

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The Pug breed is known for its lively personality and for its wrinkled skin – these dogs are also...
The Pug dog is a lively and friendly breed but, unfortunately, it is also a breed that is prone to...


Socializing your Pug will allow him or her to live a happy friendly lifestyle throughout their...
Pugs are eager to display their intelligence in a playful and energetic manner.


The popularity of Pugs has been on the rise since the late 1980’s. Long a well kept secret, Pugs...


So, you have fallen in love with the Pug dog breed and you are feeling ready to begin your search...
Pugs are sweet dogs that enjoy being part of a family. This is most-likely one of the many reasons...

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