Yeast free, grain free kibbles?
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Thread: Yeast free, grain free kibbles?

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    DefaultYeast free, grain free kibbles?

    So this isn't for us, it's for my mum's poodle who has really severe allergies. We are looking into getting raw food for her since the butcher next to my house sells raw dog food but mum still wanted to look into any kibble options there were available since she has limited freezer space ATM (waiting to purchase a new upright freezer).

    She needs something that is...

    Grain free
    Yeast free (no potato, sweet potato, yam)
    Available in Canada

    Any ideas or is raw the only option?

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    To be honest I think you will struggle. Most kibbles contain either potato or rice which is no good if the dog has a yeast problem. My dog gets yeast infections from sweet potato and rice yet tolerates normal potato fine. Hopefully someone may know of a brand which doesn't contain any of the stuff you are trying to avoid but I wouldn't hold out too much hope, even the highest rated kibble that i know of contain at least one of those ingredients. Good luck
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    I wonder if you can take one of those mixes that are meant to be supplemental to raw, and instead use them to supplement those 95% meat canned foods (Wellness 95%, Merrick 96%). Just a thought, no idea if it'll work!

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