Pug pup feeding too much or too Little?
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Thread: Pug pup feeding too much or too Little?

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    DefaultPug pup feeding too much or too Little?

    Hi all milo is 5 month old, he is fed wagg puppy kibble and pedigree wet food pouches,
    Not sure if he's getting too little or too much below is is feeding routine

    Breakfast 7am. 43g kibble (wagg)
    Lunch 12.30pm. 50g wet food (pedigree)
    Eve 5pm 43g kibble (wagg)

    So roughly 135g food per day. With training treats extra

    He used to be a grazer and could have kibble down for a good while but now as soon as it's down he's eating it within 5-min

    He walks twice a day. Appx 2 to 2.5 mile a day
    With a little run round on bathroom breaks on garden

    He was last weighed by the vet on 24.02.17. At 3.4kg

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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    Depends on the food and on his shape. You will just have to monitor him. As a pup he can stand to have a bit of chub on him but by 9 months you need to make sure he is slim or get him slim if necessary.

    Mine get less than that. I feed James Wellbeloved.

    Toddy, age 8, weight 7.5kg gets 90g of kibble per day, plus a bit of fish and turkey and a few treats.

    Snifter, age 11, weight 9.5 kg gets 110g kibble per day plus the extras Toddy gets.

    If you are going according to guidelines on the food you should probably cut down. They are notorious for being over-generous. But, as said above, your primary guide has to be your pug's own shape.

    Welcome to PV!

    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!


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