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    DefaultHeat Cycle

    How often does evey ones pug come into heat?????Mine is only once a year?Is this normal.She had puppies at the end of Febuary and still not in heat.Thanks

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    This is one of those things that are individual to the dog. Some of them come in every 3 mos, some every 5 (I have one of those), some 6, etc, etc, and some once a year (Sarina has one of those). I wouldn't worry about it - whatever your girl does regularly is what's normal for her.
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    Yep they are all thankfully different, I had a girl that cycled every 13mths,

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    Someone told me not to long ago (maybe it was smugs) that if they have their first heat cycle at a year or over that they will only come once a year. I have a bitch that had her first cycle at 13 months old, and that was last year Sept. She has yet to come back in......which I don't mind! I have 1 that is every 4 months, and another that is every 7 months, and another that is when ever she feels like it! Nothing normal about pugs!

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