I found a WONDERFUL book put out by the editors of PREVENTION Magazine Health Books called
called "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats". Our adopted cat battles with ear mites and finally transmitted them to my MuShu. This book says to use either mineral or baby oil drops in the ear to smother the mites. I, however, don't like to use those products because I think they are petroleum based. I could be wrong about that but I preferred their other suggestion to use olive oil and even add garlic. They can sooth the itch from the mites as well! Michele Yasson, D.V.M. recommends crushing four cloves of garlic and letting them steep overnight in one cup of olive oil. Then discard the garlic and heat the oil just until it is warm to the touch. (I skip that part and just use it at room temperature.) Then put a few drops in the ears. Rub the ear at the base. Most dogs actually enjoy this part! Try to continue doing it for up to a month to catch the eggs that hatch and treat all the pets at the same time. It worked great for my MuShu and the cat (although she HATED the process!). Wanted to share a natural method with my fellow PV'rs!