Pug ACTS starving in the morning...HELP!
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Thread: Pug ACTS starving in the morning...HELP!

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    DefaultPug ACTS starving in the morning...HELP!

    Our girls (Ana and Aubrey) are going to be two years old in May. Since almost the beginning, Ana wakes up VERY early every day (about 5:15 or 5:30 a.m.) and will whine until we feed her. We'll get up and let her out to pee/poop (which she will do), but immediately, she runs over to eat. In fact, if we let her out of her crate, she will run to the kitchen BEFORE being made to go outside to pee!

    We feed our pugs twice a day (we make their food and supplement with a good brand of kibble) and give healthy treats. They are both exactly 15 pounds (but are very small pugs to begin with). The doctor says they are super healthy.

    We are going to take her in for a blood test (to test her glucose), but wondered if ANYONE has experienced an ongoing issue like this with their pug. This is killing us! We both work and it seems like she gets up earlier and earlier each day.

    If you have ANY thoughts, please reply!!
    Thank you!
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    Tinker wakes up hungry too but doesn't get us up.She will eat before going out if we let her and I usually feed her around 5pm in the evening. She starts around 4:30 pm wanting to eat. We just had a blood panel done and it was fine. It's still a good idea to get her checked out. I really think it's a pug thing. Can you give her a Kong if she gets you up before your alarm to keep her busy? Keep one frozen and pop it in her crate.
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    Have you tried feeding a small meal before bedtime?
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    I second the small meal before bedtime. We also make sure they go outside right before bedtime and take up the water bowl at night (unless it's hot, which is almost never). It has helped here, along with making sure we're not allowing Ike to train us. We have a set of healthy bedtime biscuits just for this purpose, and we've had to force ourselves to enforce "No" when he does the early-morning wakeup thing.

    She is not starving, this you know. She's not going to expire if she has to wait another hour. She's strongly expressing her wishes in typical pug style, and by getting out of bed at 5:15am you're giving her the proper reaction. (They are SO good at training us pink people :) )

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    We feed twice daily, and they still act starved in the morning. Hubby will give them each a biscuit, and they head back up to bed for a while. Little hoovers, they are.
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    Sounds like a pretty typical pug. A while back I was babysitting a paralyzed and incontinent pug for some folks for two weeks. They told me he would let me know when he needed something....and he did. He would bark to be pottied, bark to get attention, bark when he slipped off his bed.....and bark to be fed. I let him sleep in our room and he discovered within a couple days that I would leap up when he barked and attend to his needs (not wanting my hubby to be disturbed). Each day the breakfast bark would start a little earlier. By the time he left, we were getting up at 3 am, feeding him, giving him attention, a bone and getting him comfy in front of Animal Planet, where I would sit with him until the rest of the household was up. I will admit I was counting the days until his owners returned. They were hysterical that he had trained me so well in such a short amount of time.

    She has trained you well. Little Stinker.

    Take care,
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    Chi Chi and Ruby try the same trick. I won't fall for it, but DH does and they are so clever that they do not even pay attention to me in the mornings.....they just nuzzle, jump on his head, spit in his face etc.....whilst I can sleep blissfully on. Once they have eaten, they jump back into bed with me and sleep peacefully until i get up. DH cant sleep any longer once they have woken him up. They have trained him well.

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