Update: Pug won't open mouth
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Thread: Update: Pug won't open mouth

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    DefaultUpdate: Pug won't open mouth

    Took him to the vet today. They sedated him to open his mouth. They couldn't get it open. It lead them to the conclusion that he has masticatory muscle myositis. Here's what I found on this:

    Masticatory muscle myositis (MMM) is an inflammatory disease in dogs affecting the muscles of mastication (chewing). It is also known as atrophic myositis or eosinophilic myositis. MMM is the most common inflammatory myopathy in dogs.[1] The disease mainly affects large breed dogs.[2] German Shepherd Dogs [3] and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels may be predisposed.[4] There is a similar disease of the eye muscles found in Golden Retrievers. Symptoms of acute MMM include swelling of the jaw muscles, drooling, and pain on opening the mouth. Ophthalmic signs may include third eyelid protrusion, red eyes, and exophthalmos (protruding eyeballs).[5] In chronic MMM there is atrophy of the jaw muscles, and scarring of the masticatory muscles due to fibrosis may result in inability to open the mouth (trismus). The affected muscles include the temporalis, masseter, and pterygoid muscles. The disease is usually bilateral.

    We have to take him to see a specialist tomorrow. They will sedate him again, and work to get his jaw open, basically working the muscles. We want to discuss with them whether or not this will break his jaw. If so, we don't want them to do this. The regular vet made this seem pretty grim, and that eventually the jaw will not open at all. BUT, after reading info online, it looks like steroids can help this condition, and help the jaw work again. So, tomorrow we will see what will happen with this. I guess this isn't a common ailment, because the vets office was perplexed. So, we move forward to help him out! I will update what happens tomorrow!
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    Best of luck!
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    Praying for your Puggie boy.
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    Good luck. I hope he gets better.

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    aw that is so sad! big prayers coming your way...
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    Also see once they get it started to move....what they think of: acupuncture, cold laser, and or chiro!

    Seeing this working and your baby feeling soo much better...and then you'll feel better too!
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    Poor little one! I hope they are able to give him function and relief of pain.

    Take care,
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    oh my hope they can remedy this best of luck to you both.

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    Please let us know how things are going for your pug. I am so sorry.
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    sending positive thoughts and healing vibes to your baby.
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