Masticatory Myositis
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Thread: Masticatory Myositis

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    DefaultMasticatory Myositis

    The blood tests are back and Nickie is a high positive for Masticatory Myositis. I noticed 3 weeks ago he had trouble opening his mouth. He was eating but his mouth just didn't seem right to me. I made the vet appointment for the following week. He had to be put under anesthesia but his mouth would only open a tiny bit. The special blood test is only done on Thursday and of course it was Wednesday afternoon so we had to wait a week and a half for the results. He was put on 20 mg of prednezone a day.

    Masticatory Myositis is an autoimmune desease possibly triggered by recent infection or, while not yet proven, recent vaccination in a susceptible animal ( within 30-45 days). Even if vaccination is not a cause, it can exacerbate the severity od sesease during the active phase. I copied this from the internet.

    We went back to the vet today and he pretty much has almost full function of his jaws. So we are now lowering the pred dosage to 15 mg a day. He will be on pred for possibly 6 months.
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    Steroids are MAGIC, aren't they! Glad he's feeling better.
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    Stroids ARE magic.......I am wondering, though.....if they can cause bone loss in humans (particularly post or peri-menopausel women?) could this be a problem for senior Pugs?
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    Feel better soon Nickie
    Do you think it was a vaccination that caused it?
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    Hope he gets over this okay.
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    Glad your baby is doing better.

    I've never heard of this disease before.

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    I have never heard of this either. I did a quick search and have banked this in my "symptoms to watch for".

    I found this interesting and you may as well:

    What are “Masticatory” Muscles?

    The masticatory muscles are the muscles used in mastication (chewing). They include the powerful jaw muscles and muscles of the temples (the temporalis muscles, the masseter muscles, the pterigoid muscles and the rostral digastricus muscles). The word “myositis” literally means “muscle inflammation.” No other muscles are affected in Masticatory myositis.

    The masticatory muscles are all innervated by the Mandibular branch of the Trigeminal nerve. Any disease that affects the Trigeminal nerve will lead to marked atrophy of the muscles of mastication. These patients, however, have dropped jaw that cannot stay closed rather than trismus.

    What makes these muscles so unique that a disease process would affect only them?

    Embryologically, the chewing muscles have a special molecular structure because of the unique motor nerve branches that serve them. Chewing muscles contain what are called type 2M muscle fibers, which occur no where else in the body. Masticatory myositis arises when the immune system inappropriately attacks these 2M muscles fibers. What causes the immune system to do this is still unknown.
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