pug asthma attacks?
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Thread: pug asthma attacks?

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    Defaultpug asthma attacks?

    hello- last night my ava, who is nearly six months, had what seemed like an asthma attack; all of a sudden she was breathing really hard, as though she could not get enough air, and it lasted for about a minute or two. then she was fine but it was very scary for me. i am planning on taking her to the vet, but has anyone had any experiences with something like this? what did you do & what was the diagnosis?


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    Something similar happened to my Lady on two occasions. Both times we were on vacation. The first time we were in the car driving from Chicago to NJ to my mom's she was having trouble and her tounge was turning blue but after a few minutes she got better. But then in NJ a few days later it happened again and I rushed her to the local vet and he gave her antibiotics and Theodur thinking it was some kind of viral thing but then we got home and I took her to our regular vet and they couldn't find anything wrong with her. They took her off the Theodur and told me they thought she may have had a panic attack of sort. That was not her first time on a long car ride or her first time at my mom's so if that was the case I'm not sure what triggered it but that was more than a year ago and it hasn't happened again since.

    I'd definately get Ava checked to rule out that it's nothing serious but hopefully it's not. Good luck

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    This actually sounds more like a reverse sneeze, but NOT asthma which would be characterized by wheezing. Reverse sneezes are not really sneezes but a narrowing of the airway for reasons that aren't well understood. The best thing to do is to stop and either rub your pug's throat or just calm him or her until the episode passes. These are very common.
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    Our Petunia was sniffing about in some tall grass growing along a path at a local park. She started panting and gasping for air and then started throwing up. We rushed her to our vet, who gave her a shot of Benedryl and put her on oxygen. It seems she had an allergic reaction to something, or inhaled something in the grass. She had also inhaled some of her vomit into her lungs. The poor thing was in a state of panic and her gums were turning blue when we reached the vet. He kept her overnight and, thankfully, she was ok in the morning. We now keep her away from the tall grass and weeds on our walks.

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    My first thought was reverse sneeze also...They are scary as all %^& to watch... Was it sort of a honking, can't get air kind of sound? That is the best way I can describe the reverse sneeze sound...
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