Pug breathing problems
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Thread: Pug breathing problems

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    DefaultPug breathing problems

    Hi this probably has been posted before , I really need help fast.

    I own two female pugs whom are my babies. The one Daisy ( 1 & half years old )
    is now snorting allot. It started yesterday night. It seems that she has a block nose.

    How do I unblock it. Do I give her Vicks. Any ideas. I know that I can take her to
    the vet. But if its a small problem then I would like to resolve it.


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    Please take your pug to the vet!
    our sweet little brachycephalic puggies have a tough enough time breathing when there is nothing wrong. I wouldnt hesitate to take your baby to a vet if you think there is something wrong with her breathing.
    It could be just about anything, your vet wil be the best to decide.
    Please keep us updated!
    Sending some good vibes out to yourlittle puggie.

    I wouldnt give her any vicks as I would think it can be quite irritating to puggie eyes and mucous membranes....

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    Sometimes they do a reverse sneezing thing likened to "goose honking". This is not uncommon. That is one thing, but I definitely agree a trip to the vet is the best thing. Please do not use Vicks on Daisy, as it might exacerbate the problem - sometimes things that work well for humans can be deadly for animals. Please let us know how you get on.
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    My Mookie has had many serious breathing problems. It is always best to check with your vet and make sure you know what you are dealing with.
    Mookie usually gets one bout of a coughing illness, every winter. He seems fine except for a wheezing cough. He coughs so much that he acts like he is going to barf. The first time it happened, I rushed him to the vet. I thought he had something stuck in his airway or lung. They x-rayed him and found nothing. He continued to cough for a few days and then was better.
    Now I know what I am dealing with and I don't get worried when it happens.
    He previously had surgery for his nares and elongated palate, because he had a couple life threatening episodes, where his breathing was so labored that his tongue turned greyish blue.
    Make sure you know what the problem is. Go see your vet.
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    Just to let you know that i went home this afternoon
    to check up on Daisy and she seems fine. The snorting has stopped
    But I will keep an eye on her.
    Thanks guys for you responce.

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    I have also experienced the reverse sneezing thing, which may be the snorting you speak of. I had surgery a few years ago to help open up my airways. I am still too noisy to sneak up on anyone, but I breathe easier now. This may be an option for Daisy.
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