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    Defaulteye bulged out

    My coworker told me yesterday about her 2year old pug Princess Sofia who had one of her eyes bulge almost completely out of socket. Erin said that PS was playing with another dog when she let out with a sharp cry and when she investigated found the eye to be bulged almost completely out. Erin was able to cover the eye and get her to the emergency vet who pushed the eye back in and did a lot of x-rays etc... She returned to the vet today and was told to expect a good recovery. The question is has anyone else had a pug have this happen and has it reaccured? Erin says that eye still appears swollen still, but it hasn't slowed PS down. Her concern is will this happen again and could this lead to her losing the eye in the future? Thanks for any help.
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    This is what happened with my Bubbles eye.
    The first time that it popped out. I just put it back in the socket
    and went about my business,called the vet and took her in the next morning. Everything was fine. About a week later,it happened again.
    This time neither the vet or I had any success getting it back into the socket. Emergency surgery was done to get the eye back in and it was stitched shut for 5 days. The eye was checked and sewn shut for another 5 days. After this 5 days it was determined that the eye could not be saved and was promptly removed.
    What I was told after the fact was that if they had done a little preventive surgery after the first occurrence that she probably wouldn't have lost her eye. Some vets will sew the corner of the eyelids together if it seems that there is too much eye sticking out.
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    This happened to my Pugsy when she was playing with another bigger dog - I immediately took her to the Emergency Vet where they did the surgery an the eye was sewn shut for a week. She did not loose her eye and was not blind which they said she might be. It has not happened again but they told me if it did they do a surgery that makes the socket for the eye smaller so it will not pop out.

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    Your girl is so young and it's likely she will continue to have problems with her eyes. An opthamologist can give you the "skinny" on a medial canthroplasty. As far as cost, I believe I got an estimate of $1,200 for my Tucker.

    It requires some suturing of the inside corners of the eye. Makes them more almond shape. The benefits are they blink better, less of the eye is exposed to trauma and since the hair is removed from the corner of the eye, any medial entropian is corrected.
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