Change in my Pug's behavior!
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Thread: Change in my Pug's behavior!

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    DefaultChange in my Pug's behavior!

    I have two male pugs that are 6 years old. Ripley has always been a very docile pug. He has never been aggressive. About a month ago, he started fighting with Biggie. This happened over food or a treat. I would have to literally break them up. Now, he has started to do it for no reason. Just like a crotchety old man or something. We also have a 19 month old male pug that belongs to my son. This pug is at our house every day. He is a "wild man". Today, Ripley started to charge at him! I can't figure out what is going on. Has anyone ever had this happen? My couch potato is turning into a monster! Any advice would be appreciated. Thx, Michele

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    Hi, yes I had it happen here between two of my males last year - started growling and shooting nasty looks and fighting for no reason - so weird - they are father son - at the time one was 8 and one was 10 anyways...we had to separate them for a few weeks and then it just went away - we figured out that something, probably a racoon, was in our yard and the boys were trying to be "in charge" and protect us. Now, about a month ago two of my girls started fighting...unfortunately that hasn't passed as quickly as the boys - we separate them when not home and only let them all be together if my husband is here as he is clearly the alpha - it is rough and I can totally sympathize with what you are going through. It is so strange when they get along fine and then all of a sudden, wham - constant fighting for no reason. I suggest separating them until they can behave. It is going to take patience and a lot of gates but I think it will work out. From what I have learned, males are easier to deal with than females....Good luck.
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    hmmm, I would say a vet visit is definately in order. It could be that he is not feeling well and is taking it out on others...I am sure the experts here will have some good advise for you, good luck!
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    Yup, as a trainer, that's the first thing I want to rule out. If a dog has been docile and all the sudden, starts getting snippy, I'll recommend they visit a vet before considering training classes, especially if the dog is older. He might be getting arthritic, his hips might be hurting, you'll never know until you see a vet.

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