How far is too far?
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Thread: How far is too far?

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    DefaultHow far is too far?

    The "walking" thread has me wondering: How far is too far to walk your pug? If the temp is between 35 and 55 degress and the pug is young and healthy? I live in the country and don't have blocks, measure in 1/4 mile and on up.

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    I think it's just like with people-- it varies. Jackson's longest was about a 4 mile hike thru the woods. Come to think of it, though, he did way more than the 4 miles I did, because he and my brother's dog were off leash and did a lot running ahead and back again and a couple of loop-arounds! That was a beautiful day after Thanksgiving-- about 60 degrees and sunny and clear.

    They can't tell you they're tired, but you can watch to see when they're tired. Breathing heavy? Slowing down? I'm sure that just like with people, they may get out of shape, but if you increase gradually, their fitness levels return. The only time I would think it would be bad to do so would be if you have a dog with arthritis or other orthopedic problems. And obviously we do need to watch for overheating.
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    I watch my guys very closely on our walks. If they look at all tired or anything even remotely similar, we turn around. I can always tell when they are starting to loose that spring in their step. I prefer to time it before that happens.. after all, we have to walk back, too.

    Although these days, the little heathens can do their 2, 2 1/2 miles, come home, and literally run laps around the house, playing, as if there had been no walk at all. While I'm sitting there, recuperating.
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    I too think it depends on the dog. Gidget can walk for miles with me, but BJ is through after a mile. The longest BJ has done is 2 miles and he was trying to lay down towards the end

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    I haven't measured it, but I think Winston and I go about 1 1/2 miles in 30 minutes.
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    The farthest I've walked with the pugs is 2.5 miles... my inlaws took Homer when he was 4-5 months when we were on vaction to some park place and they walked 5 miles with him and a st. bernard.. and they said he did great! I think it all depends on the pug
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