How much should my Pug weigh
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Thread: How much should my Pug weigh

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    DefaultHow much should my Pug weigh

    How much should a pug weigh? I know the standards say 16-18 pounds but my Jasmine has been at 21.2 pounds for the last 6 weeks. I am feeding her EVO and she gets 1 treat a day plus maybe a little bit of fruit. She looks good, has a waist but is a little fluffy in her chest. We walk everyday and she plays at doggy daycare (owned by a fellow pug lover) 2 days a week. Do I need to be concerned about those extra 3 pounds or are some pugs ideal at a higher weight?? Thanks for any input!!
    Oh, she was recently diagnosed with hip displasia.
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    It's different for every pug. We just took Jack to the vet and he weighed in at 32lbs. This is apparently too much for him as he should ideally be more like 28lbs. So, it depends on their build and size. I actually think Jack looks fine and I honestly wouldn't have guessed he was too big, so I am glad we got the final say from the vet. So, I would seek professional advice on this next time your at the vets office.
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    My rescue Nelson was close to 30 pounds when he came to us. Got him down to 22 pounds but during his recent surgery for MCT he got extra treats and gained a couple. So we are back on the Hills r/d diet food. He has so much more energy at the lower weight .
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    Wow 30lbs I thought carring around Bucks 20lbs was alot!

    All pugs are different. Buck and Gabby who came from the same mom and dad but different litter are totoally different, Buck is 20lbs and Gabby 12lbs. Then there is Jill who came from different parents, same breeder though and she weighs 14lbs but if she misses a meal it looks like she hasnt ate in months.
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    Yes, the breed standard says 14-18 pounds, but there are lots of pugs who are very healthy above that, as the breed has gradually gotten bigger, for better or for worse!) But especially if the lovely miss Jasmine has hip dysplasia, I'd try to keep her at the lower end of healthy for her, whatever that may be.

    My baby (3 year old male Jackson) just had an obesity alert and weighed in about 5 pounds over his ideal (although at a healthy weight for some). Pugs do tend to get overweight very easily, but some vets also get kind of uber-vigilant about pugs weight, when they're actually quite healthy.
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    My two adult males weigh a lot....they weigh about 32 and 28 lbs. my vet does not think they are overweight. They are big dogs. My females vary greatly...Napa is overweight at 30 lbs. Haddie is 22.5 lbs, Maggie is 22 lbs., Savannah is about 18 lbs. and baby Oliver (male) who is a year old, weighs in at about 15 lbs. Breed standard? It has never applied over here.
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    You just can't go by what the breed standard says. That was developed as an ideal for breeders to be aiming for when breeding pugs.

    But, with hip dysplasia I'd have her as thin as possible. Rudy has LP, and a variety of other issues with her joints. She's done very well with out surgery, but she is VERY thin and I really think this has helped a lot.


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    Otto's usual weight is about 22 pounds, which the vet feels is fine for his build. But this winter he and I have both gotten fluffy because of lack of activity, and he was up to almost 24 pounds at his recent check-up. The vet wants me to get him back down to 22 because of his potential back issues, so Otto's on a reduced diet and treats are down to the bare minimum. He looks so pitiful! And lets me know he is NOT amused by this turn of events.
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    I was at the Vet with Jasmine a little over a month ago and she as about 15lbs. Our return visit this afternoon she is down to 14lbs. and now they want her to loose one more pound. She is not fat or fluffy, it was hard to just loose the one pound, she gets no treats accept one small cookie broken in half and just her food. She gets walked three times a day! I will keep at it but if it doesn't happen I think she will be just fine.
    My feelings are all dog builds are different and it will depend upon that and not just the breed standard.
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    At Winston's last vet visit, he weighed in at 17.2 pounds. The doctor wants him down another pound. I think he looks good now, but I'm also thinking ahead to the future and how the weight will affect his heart and lungs as well as the luxating patellas pugs are so prone to.
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