pug eye myth?
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Thread: pug eye myth?

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    Questionpug eye myth?

    I feel silly asking this question, but quite a few people have told me lately that pug's eyeballs can pop out. is this true??

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    It is not a myth...but doesn't just happen!

    It's due to injury....I had a friend that had a pup...and it was trying to get out the door with older pugs. They were all running and the pup got knocked into the side of the door going out. He hit it just right....and...the eye popped out. They rushed him to the vet..it was put in..and once healed...you never knew it happened. The dog went on to get its championship.
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    Yep, as Diane said, it can happen and has happened so it's not a myth.

    But, having said that, as Diane also implied, the accident has to happen "just right". I've seen conversations on the internet, thankfully not here, where there have been as many as 6 or 7 people all saying this happened to their own Pugs and, well, let's just say that this is one example of how the eye popping out has become a sort of mythical subject....

    Ain't no way you're going to find 6 or 7 people all in the same place who experienced this first hand. It just doesn't happen that often for this to be possible.

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    I'll raise my hand on this one. Chester suffered a prolapsed eye about 4 weeks after we adopted him when he was about 7 months old. I wasn't there. It happened at daycare so the details are a little fuzzy. I suspect that he played too rough with a larger dog. Anyway, the daycare staff noticed it right away -- it's like a dislocated eye with the eyeball sitting on top of the eye socket. They rushed him to their vet about 1/2 mile away and called me. I got to the vet a half hour later and Chester was already in surgery.

    Thanks to the hands of a very skilled surgeon, they saved both his eye and his eyesight. Our regular vet told us that in these cases, 9 out of 10 times, the dog will lose sight in the eye so we were very very lucky. Anyways, as to how it happens, all our vet could tell us was that Chester likely had weak eye muscles, especially since he was so young, and he was probably playing in just the right way to knock the eyeball loose. His eyes have been perfectly fine since the surgery.

    So it's not an urban legend, but we've also never met another pug who this has happend to so I guess it's pretty rare.
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    Somewhat refreshing to hear your answers, good question Mel. Someone told me the same thing the other day. People piss me off though.

    Today I told someone I had a Pug and they said said, oh I know know someone that has one, those smell! How ignorant are people? I said if that person's Pug smells it is neglected, want to tell me where they live?
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    I heard that if you pick a pug up roughly by the scruff of its neck the eyes can pop out. Horrid.

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    Yep, it can happen. The day that we adopted Pugsy, the lady from the rescue had a Boston Terrier that had an eye pop out. Thankfully, I didn't see it! That would've scared the bejeezus out of me!
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    I have seen it once and hope to never see it again. I have also heard if they strain too much when getting their nails trimmed it can happen...and we all know how much they LOVE getting their nails done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snifter
    I heard that if you pick a pug up roughly by the scruff of its neck the eyes can pop out. Horrid.
    Yes that's also true!!
    ....and if they fall and hit their head badly. My vet also said if people are yanking collars which I imagine is a bit like the same senario, as grabbing the scruff of the neck
    So they need handling with care, as I'm sure we all practise.

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    My vet told me not to squeeze his face too hard becuase if you sqeeze his face to hard his eyes can pop out. I can't even imagine?

    This is gross and probably a REALLY stupid question but what would you do if it popped out? Does it hang or does it litterally fall out and roll on the floor or something?


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