help.. vomiting yellow foam
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Thread: help.. vomiting yellow foam

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    Defaulthelp.. vomiting yellow foam

    We guess Bart is around 6-7 months old. We recently changed him from puppy food to adult food, that Homer & Marge eat. Homer & Marge eat in the morning... and a very tiny bit of food at like 530 pm. We put Bart on the same schedule with the adult food. But he's been throwing up. It's mostly yellow foam, I'm assuming bile/stomach acids. Do you think this schedule for meals isn't enough?? Sometimes, when hubby is off work, and I'm in a rush out the door he feeds them around 9am, I usually feed them at 8am. He says Bart throws up a little bit of yellow foam in the am.

    Now, Monday, he threw up a little bit at 10am, and he said was yellow with a bit of grass. Tuesday he threw up at about 520pm, and it was a tiny bit of yellow foam. This morning at 5am, he threw up a little yellow foam. It's never bigger then size of a quarter. Is this something I should worry about?? He's still peeing/popping fine, and runs around like a lunatic all day!
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    I'm not the expert, but maybe he isn't ready for the
    full grown food yet. That would worry me too. Someone
    that knows will jump in soon. I hope all is o.k. and
    just a little tummy upset. Hugs!

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    For me, that has meant that they need to eat more and or more often.

    That's why I feed twice a day.....and a snack at night time.
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    It sounds like what Diesel did when we had him on once a day feedings - he got too hungry and threw up. That's exactly what his looked like - stomach bile/acids. We started feeding him more meals and nothing since then. I'd try feeding Bart more often than Homer and Marge.
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    I have always fed my pugs twice a day. For the first 3 1/2 years of Taz's life, he would throw up the yellow bile about 3-4 times a week then he would refuse to eat about 4 meals or more a week. It wasn't until I read about someone's pug on this forum doing the same, and they switched them to a food that did not contain soy, corn, wheat or dairy. I switched to Natural Balance which I found at Petco, and he never threw up the yellow bile again except once. I tried changing him to Wellness, and something must have not agreed with him even though it is a good food. I would have to agree that at 6-7 months, only once a day feeding may not be enough, but it could also be the food not agreeing with him
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    I'm a fan of the 2 meals a day for life regime, not only because pugs love more meals, but because their stomachs are relatively small. I figure if you have one big meal, it stretches the stomach lining, so you have a bigger, emptier tummy by teatime. I also suspect that they digest better in smaller quantities.

    I usually keep puppies on puppy food until 12 months, is Bart having a weight issue or do you just want everyone eating the same? Obviously if he is a bit fluffy, the adult will suit his needs better, but I wouldn't rush onto adult food otherwise.
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    Maizee would throw-up yellow bile after eating. I discovered she was allergic to her food. She is now vegetarian.

    Just another avenue to add to the mystery map.
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    All three of mine eat twice a day.
    2/3 cup at 7:30a.m. and 2/3 cup at 5:00p.m.
    And usually a small cookie at bedtime.
    Maybe his food is to rich for him.
    I feed Innova Evo small bites. Mine do well on this, however I have heard other don't.
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    Buddy used to do the same thing when we fed him later at night. We have upped his dinner feeding time to 5 pm instead of 6-7 pm and we haven't had any problems since. I would agree that he needs more food more regularly.

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    My Roxie had that problem before too. Her's problem seemed to be from 2 things - 1) she couldn't wait as long with an empty stomach and needed a before bed snack (she already ate 2x daily) and 2) she was allergic to some of the food.
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