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Thread: Oldest pug?

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    DefaultOldest pug?

    Just curious--what's the very oldest you've heard of a pug living? (I couldn't decide if this should be under "Pug Life")
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    Shirley Thomas, the president of the Pug Dog Club of Greater NY, had a pug that was 20....
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    Quote Originally Posted by viralmd View Post
    Shirley Thomas, the president of the Pug Dog Club of Greater NY, had a pug that was 20....
    That's incredible!!! The oldest I've heard of is 15 or 16... I wonder how healthy that 20 year old was...what I wouldn't give for 20 healthy, happy years with my pugs!!!
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    I'd heard of one Pug who crossed the RainbowBridge just shy of her 21st birthday.

    My Bruno lived to be 16½!
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    This is ironic that you asked this today, as my day-to-day pug calendar today says:

    "The world's oldest dog was an Australian cattle dog (blue heeler) named Bluey who was put to sleep at the age of 29"

    so, I've been wondering this same thing all day!
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    The very famous Australian pug, Emerald (?), was 17 or 18, I think. Made international news when she passed away.

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    There was a pug that was rescued from S. CA that was rescued at age 11 and lived to be 20...

    I tell Bailey that he must live to be the first 30 year old pug! (or he can go when I go, whichever comes first)
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    The oldest pug winner one year was 18. I hope I am as lucky.

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    Defaultoldest Pug

    My heartdog, Lulu, lived to be 17 years and 2 months. I bought her as a puppy so knew exactly how old she was. I now have a 16 year old rescue but am not positive she's that old as I have no documentation. Lulu and I spent many happy hours together.
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    I've heard of one 19 and one at 20. Can't remember where.
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