Dogs and Whipped Cream
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Thread: Dogs and Whipped Cream

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    DefaultDogs and Whipped Cream

    Is whipped cream healthy for dogs? OK, well, scratch that, whipped cream isn't healthy for any of us but is it OK for dogs? The dogs know that it's coming too. It's sort of like the bank drive thru- they get a cookie. Starbucks drive thru means whipped cream.

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    No, no, no! ANYTHING that has a significant fat content (like whipped cream) is NOT good for dogs, because it can trigger pancreatitis.

    Another reminder to EVERYONE. Your dog isn't missing out on a Thanksgiving dinner. PLEASE DO NOT give him something he doesn't even miss. There's a reason both my vet friends call this 'pancreatitis season.' Giving dogs human food is potentially lethal. They're not made to digest gravy, mashed potatoes, etc. PLEASE, PLEASE be kind to your dog and give him only dog food for the holiday. Pancreatitis kills.
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