often do you bathe your pugs??
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Thread: often do you bathe your pugs??

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    23,232 often do you bathe your pugs??

    I need to bath my guys about once every two weeks here. I use vet solutions ....oatmeal bath and also their conditioner.
    I have no problem with dried out hair and such either..
    I also use alergo PET ..since my son is alergic to the dander and it does an awesome job.

    how often do you bathe your pugs?
    what kind of shampoo do you use?

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    hardly ever.....

    Louie is 3.5 and has never had a bath

    Junior probably had 2 or 3 baths in his life.

    I don't think it's all that necessary....he doesn't roll around in the mud, and brushing him gets out whatever needs to be got out.....

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    I hear youre not supposed to bathe them a lot, however my little dirt devil likes to play in the dirt. Living in the desert we dont have grass in our back yard its all dirt. she likes to go out and roll around in it...she literally looks like pig pen from charlie brown when she comes in, with a cloud of dust floating around her and all. So i try to give her one once a month, however we will be moving soon so hopefully our next house will have grass in the back yard.
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    Paddy gets it about 2 or 3 times a year, or whenever he starts to smell like a dog!
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    He had maybe 3 baths in the last few months but now that summer is over I don't think he'll get that much.

    he's black and he likes to roll in dirt too so something I just use wipe to clean his fur.

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    About once or twice a month before each Show. I use Sargeants Oatmeal or Malaseb shampoo depending on the condition of the dog.

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    About every two to three months.
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    Whenever they get dirty or smelly or when they're going to a fundraiser... So not often... Lol they don't like getting dirty and my Pugs don't have doggy odor thanks to raw :)

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    we do tubs once a month. sometimes 2x per month in the warmer weather since we are outside more and they get a little dirty.

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    I've gone back and forth on this over the years, when i was showing a lot they would get baths just about every week, and that never hurt their coats. Then I got too busy doing other fun stuff with the pugs and they started to get baths about 4 times a year...that didn't really hurt them either.

    Overall though, I prefer they get baths at least once a month, their coats feel nicer to me, all the dead coat comes out. I will say mine run around outside and play in mud and who knows what else more than a lot of pugs, so I'm sure they need it.

    I like "Buddy Wash" for the pugs.
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