Pug in Long Island area needing rescue
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Thread: Pug in Long Island area needing rescue

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    DefaultPug in Long Island area needing rescue

    Hi old PV friends.

    I have a friend from Florida, currently staying up in Long Island, NY for the summer that needs to rehome a pug.

    They have 5 pugs (4 females and 1 male). One of their 5-year old females as been challenging others in the pack for dominance lately, and got in a big fight with one of the other females. Their vet suggested they rehome her to a single-dog home or a home with submissive dogs.

    I've tried to have them call one of the contacts at PPRA.org, but no one has returned the call.

    Curly Tail Pug Rescue says they aren't taking incomings now.

    If you know of someone, or a rescue, that can help, please PM me.


    Karl Ellzey

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    I know its a long shot, but have you tried Buffalo Small Breed Rescue? With the transports in place around here, I imagine it wouldn't be that difficult to get her over here.

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    You might want to try Worthy Tails Rescue out of Mechanicsburg, PA. They foster and I adopted my pug from there.

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    Hi Karl... Long time no hear!! How's your son/wife/pugs and everything else? I would also recommend the Buffalo Small Breed Rescue, they seem to have a very large network of volunteers and seem to be a good rescue.

    I have recently adopted a girl to my pack. Now it's a pack... My black boy Oscar is so dominant that another dominant dog would cause fights as well. Thankfully Sophie (our new adoptee and only female) is submissive to him. I couldn't imagine having an issue so bad to have to re-home one! Good luck to your friend and PLEASE don't be a stranger. I miss hearing about your family, both skin and furry!

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