How long after eating do I wait for poop from pup?
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Thread: How long after eating do I wait for poop from pup?

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    DefaultHow long after eating do I wait for poop from pup?

    Oscar used to go pretty much immediately after eating, Kramer, of course does not, poop anyway. He pees no problem. He also has already learned he gets cheese after he goes.

    I feel like a horrible mommy, but I had to leave him without pooping this afternoon. I only have so much time for lunch & its lose my job or wait for dog to poop, anyway...HELP!

    I know the process is stand out there & make it boring, which I do. He peed twice in the 20 mins I was out there with him. If I was home, I'd put him back in crate & try again in 15 mins, but I'm not home to do that anymore.

    He's really pooping out breakfast @ lunch & he did poop @ 2:30am & again @ 6:40am.

    I feel so bad right now.

    Momma to Oscar & Kramer

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    I would say 20 minutes or so. We put Casey in an x pen with a mini travel crate inside it and some newspaper on the floor of the pen so he could sleep in the crate (which he did) and go on the newspapers (which he did do on occasion). He seemed to be able to hold it from a really young age though. Much younger than I thought he would be able to.

    I think you are doing your best. Don't feel so guilty.
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    20 minutes is a good rule of thumb, but of course, it never happens on schedule especially when you're starting to panic about having to go back to work. The x-pen and crate combination worked for us, too, especially on afternoons when the poop just was not coming and I had to go back to work. We put Bruno in his x-pen with a small crate and we used a doggie litter pan filled with cedar instead of newspapers. He was pretty good about figuring out where to sleep and where to go.

    Never thought you could get so stressed about poop, huh?
    the smoochieface crew

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