How do I make my pug stop barking like crazy
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Thread: How do I make my pug stop barking like crazy

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    DefaultHow do I make my pug stop barking like crazy

    Somehow my sister convinced my parents to get a dog 2 years ago, and we got a pug. I never had a dog before and I'm not good at training. I need help, though.

    She likes to bark like a madgirl, whenever a friend comes over, the doorbell rings, or the garbage truck/UPS guy drives up.

    One time 2 pool guys came to check out the pool and it looked like she was ready to attack them.

    As soon as the doorbell rings she runs up to the door and won't stop barking. When my friends come over she runs around them in circles barking, if I try to put up a gate to keep her from bothering us in my room she starts barking/yelping at the gate, then quickly gets bored and leaves.

    I don't know what to do, I don't like having to pick her up everytime I answer the door. It makes recieving a package a nightmare as I'm scared shes going to run out or attack the delivery guy when I open the door.

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    Don't despair, this CAN be fixed without too much trouble!!

    I am not the training expert here, there are a few people on the board who will give EXPERT advice, but I'll get things started.

    Firstly, you need to teach her basic "sit" and "stay". When she is competent in those commands (and use REALLY GOOD TREATS - little pieces of chicken, cheese or steak) then what you need to do is redirect her attention when she is in her "protective/attack" mode. Every time someone comes, or the doorbell rings, work on her sit and stay with treats. Get her attention AWAY from the stimuli. Get her totally focused on YOU and what you are telling her. It is VERY IMPORTANT to get the whole family working on this so you are CONSISTENT in your training. Half-hearted or inconsistency is as good as doing nothing. With time and patience every time the doorbell rings or someone comes, she will sit quietly waiting for a treat. Gradually work away from the treats by telling her "WHAT A GOOD GIRL YOU ARE!!!" in a high-pitched, happy voice. Positive training all the way, NEVER negative! Be persistent and you will change her behaviour. Do it with lots of love. Good luck!

    Oh, and you mentioned a pool - please don't ever let her around the pool unattended. Too many pugs drown in pools as they don't swim very well and can't get out once they fall in. they don't know how to find the steps out.

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    Well when Rona says without too much trouble, thats because she has quiet pugs

    It's the hardest habit to break & trust me, Im very familiar with the barking issue. Kramer barks at all things you mentioned & then some...

    You (meaning everyone in your house) really need to be consistent with rewarding when they are quiet. It also helps to do specific training, for example have someone ring doorbell & someone else be there to ask her to sit & give her a treat when she's quiet & keep repeating process so she'll soon associate doorbell with being quiet & a treat...this holds true for all things that make her bark.

    How much exercise does she get? A tired puggy is usually a quieter one.

    Momma to Oscar & Kramer

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    Mindy's on the right track! Lots of people would like for the dog to sit or lay on a mat or some other less 'noisy' behavior when people arrive.

    I like laying on a mat. First train her that laying on a mat is a wonderful behavior. Start by getting a treat, sticking it on her nose, luring her to the mat and if she knows how to down, get her into a down, click and treat. Do over and over again until she knows this behavior, add your cue, I say "park it". Practice lot's of "park its" until you can say "park it" and she's very reliably going to the mat.

    Ringing doorbells and people arriving are a big deal to dogs and there's lots of ceremony involved, strange people, smells, it's a very exciting time.

    Now, I'd choose a weekend when there's not a lot going on and you're going to spend the weekend ringing the doorbell every chance you get. If you can, get some friends to help you. Every time that doorbell rings, cue her to "park it". You might have to help her out by luring her over to her mat the first several times, since she'll be so excited. But as the weekend wears on, and she's heard the d*mned doorbell ring so many times, she'll eventually get to the point where she'll be thinking, oh jeez, here we go again, let me just get on the mat.

    I'd recommend ringing the doorbell in sessions a few minutes apart for as often as you can manage, the point is to take all the drama out of the doorbell, to flood her over and over again and take all the excitement out of this event. If she goes nuts over knocking at the door too, make sure that sometimes you knock as well as ring the doorbell.

    By the end of the weekend, she should be better, but she'll probably have to have several weekend sessions to make her realize the doorbell is no big deal. Continue to randomly reward laying on the mat, and if she starts to get grumbly again, do a 'refresher' day.

    I love going to peoples' houses and working on this. I love the expression on the dog's face when the doorbell rings for the billionth time and the dog trots to their mat with this 'please make it stop' expression.

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