Swallowing kibble whole?
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Thread: Swallowing kibble whole?

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    Question Swallowing kibble whole?

    I've had my 20-week old Pug eating Taste of the Wild dry food since he was 8 weeks old. He used to chew the dog food, but now he just swallows it whole (TOTW kibble is small).

    Is this anything I need to be concerned about?

    Is the only way to get him to chew first, to switch to a larger kibble?

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    LOL....pugs don't chew. Don't be concerned, just remember to give him a raw marrow bone every week or so to keep his teeth in good condition. It is an old wives tale that kibble cleans the teeth, whether they chew it or swallow it whole.

    Take care,
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    Yeah-Quinton has been swallowing his kibble whole too (ever since I got him a month and 1/2 ago:)
    Now, he's on raw for food allergies, but he just swallows that up too. I've been getting him Nature's Variety raw bison bones (they have a lot of variety, but I know he's ok with the bison) and that helps his teeth. So does some peanut butter toothpaste stuck into the bristles of his toothbrush....he appears to brush his own teeth. Sometimes, I'll slice up some organic apple for him and hold it while we play "tug of war" which is really me trying to get his teeth into it:)
    Anyway, no worries, it appears they all eat this way:)
    Proud mommy of Quinton Barkley

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    Bunk inhales his food, however, since we mix his kibble with warm water I can't comment on whether he actually chews or not.
    @ 6 Beautiful Pugs: I've never heard of giving dogs bone marrow let alone giving it to them for their teeth. Although I could easily search google for some quick info, perhaps you could enlighten me on the subject

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    Raw meaty bones - the natural best for cleaning teeth. Dry Dog Food and the Myth of Cleaner Teeth The dogs also do not have bad breath after eating raw either or when they wake up in the morning!!

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    We used to feed our dogs kibble, both the pugs used to eat it so fast, then spin around on the spot and throw it back up! That's one of the main reasons we changed to raw!

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