7 month old going on EVO dry, need advice
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Thread: 7 month old going on EVO dry, need advice

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    Question 7 month old going on EVO dry, need advice

    Hi all:
    I posted a couple days ago about how I was freaking out casue I found out the Pedigree was really crap food and I had no idea about that.
    So I started to do my reserch and found a 6 star dry food that I can put my staffy and pug on called EVO my pug would be going on the Small bites one and my staffy the large bites ones.
    Now one of my questions is, I worked it out that its cheaper to go the 13kg bag for 135.00 vs 6kg bag at 85.00 now my pug being 7 months will only require her to have like 1/3 a cup of food a day i think it works to be. So this bag will last me upwards to 5 months im sure. Now the question is will the food go off? like will it start to lose nutrition or go stale or anything like that?
    Another question, as I said i have only ever fed my dogs pedigree casue I thought it was top stuff, but I had to feed my dogs heaps of it, and now this EVO brand sayes for my staffys size he will only need 1 cup a day and the pug like 1/3 a cup.. is that really sufficant for a dog? wont they still be hungry? How do your dogs go on high quality food. Im also cutting out my wet & dry mix and just going to dry mainly cause of how expensive the food is. But thats ok for a dog to only be on dry yea?
    Any advice is much appricated, thank you in advance.

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    Store the food in a tote or container to minimize air exposure. It can degrade simply sitting in a bag in the cupboard. i store mine in the laundry room (coldest room in the house) in a tote. 40 pound sack lasts 3 weeks or so, carefully measured.
    They only get dry kibble ... with the odd treat of boiled chicken broth/stew mixed in. The big dogs eat a heavy 2 cups, the Doxies a scant cup a day. The big dogs finish theirs, the Doxies usually have some left for breakfast.
    Flooding the kibble with water will help their hydration and slow up their eating a bit.

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    I've read also that some large dogs have better digestion with the Little Bites as they are smaller and breakdown faster than the regular size. I would also give a probiotic/digestive enzyme supplement with EVO as it is very dense. Also protect the food from light exposure and heat and humidity. Keep it in the original bag or if you pour out the kibble into the bin, clean your bin/tote every bag change since the fats that will coat the sides of the bin will turn rancid.

    On a better food, they do eat less. And remember to transition very slowly to this food.

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    Be prepared for the guilt trip. They will still act hungry. Don't give in, if a Pug isn't acting hungry, there's most likely something wrong with him or her.

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    I'm not a fan of keeping food around once opened after a few weeks sealed or not. I buy my pugs food twice a month but I'm extremely picky. Would you want to eat old food? Just sayin.......

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