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Thank you! I stopped giving him the ham and cheese and moved to scrambled egg. (Thanks to the poster who suggested the microwave trick!) He's been doing a lot better. I think when he doesn't eat he's too hot now, since we don't have our AC turned on, yet. But I've been keeping an eye on him. I'm also going to look into that probiotic.
I am glad he is doing a little better . There is so much what influences their behavior . My one Pug is pickier with his food .
Hopefully your vet will open back up so you can go inside . If you are in a state where it takes longer ask for a Tele visit to Facetime etc . next time you visit .
I personally think there should be a reduction for office visit cost even so it is no vault of their own . We pay for the vet to examine your pet and time for yourself with the vet .

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