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    Default Training Treats Etc

    Iíll be picking up my new Pug puppy in a month. Itís been a long time since Iíve had a puppy. I have:
    Dog bed
    Food bowls
    Jacket and sweater
    Leash - need harness
    Dog food
    Potty pads
    What else?

    What kind of small training treats should I buy?Thank you!

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    Default Training Treats Etc

    Oh did you pick a name yet ?
    Have you visited and got pictures ?

    I always think a crate is a good idea especially if you need to confine the puppy while you are busy .

    Ask your Breeder or vet about chew bones .

    I recommend tp look into insurance and if you decide to get it sign up now. They got usually a waiting period .

    I use the dog food kibbles and you could pick up sample bag of another kind just so itĎs a little different .
    ZukeĎs mini are soft and small I got those for my dog camera (Furbo).
    My favorite dog treat is Ziwi Peak Good Dog Rewards they are air dried and small .

    And if you ask Louie one of our PugVilllage youngsters
    Toys toys toys and a frog toy .

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