Received Starter Box last Thursday....
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Thread: Received Starter Box last Thursday....

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    Default Received Starter Box last Thursday....

    Elvis just loves it, Buddy D took a few meals before he wanted to eat it.
    I bought the trial Embark which is the wheat free turkey. Started off giving them their normal NV Frozen Raw with a spoonful of the Embark the afternoon I received it. Since than I have been increasing the amount until today and they got just the Embark with some green beans added in. Elvis loves his green beans.

    So far things have been great, no changes in bowel movements which I was greatly afraid of.

    I ordered the 4lb box just now and if things continue to go well they will stay on this. I probably should have ordered either two or the larger box but I want to be sure they do well on it. It seems to have all I want at a good price and they love it. Plus it is easy to fix.

    Just curious if anyone else is feeding this and the amount they are feeding. I am starting with 1/2 in the morning and another 1/2 cup in the evening.
    Mom to Elvis and Buddy

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    That is great news! Please keep us updated!

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