Tips For Helping Blind Pugs Get Around
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Thread: Tips For Helping Blind Pugs Get Around

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    Default Tips For Helping Blind Pugs Get Around

    One of our office co-woofers, Johnson, is a partially blind pug! Here are a couple tips that Lucy uses to help him get around:

    1. Try not to make drastic furniture moves – it seems to be easier to just move one or two pieces of furniture at a time rather than changing around an entire room, which a blind dog can find disorientating.

    2. Feed food in a regular spot, and if it’s a multi-dog household, place bowls down in the same order every time.

    3. For wooden or stone steps, ‘ adhesive ‘sandpaper’ tape works wonders to help with grip. Just apply a strip to the edge of each step – this really helped Johnson to feel with his paws where each step started and built up his confidence in navigating them.

    4. Johnson doesn’t have a Muffin’s Halo, but I’ve heard great things about them!

    5. Use treats as a reward / incentive to help build up a blind dog’s confidence in getting around in a new home.
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    Another tip I have heard is to apply lavender oil to any bits of furniture or wall corners that stick out.

    Also if you can teach a reliable "stand still" command or similar you can use that to stop the dog if you see it in danger of bumping into something. Mine can see but Snifter's eyesight is pretty bad due to PK and he is capable of bumping into things. I haven't taught "steady" as such, but I use the word in a fairly serious warning tone and he seems to have got the message to slow down if I say it.
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    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!

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    There is a great web site called: The Blind Dog Website. People have posted stories of their blind dogs with many helpful suggestions about helping the blind dog. When our Bichon went blind, we discovered the site, and found it very helpful.
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