My Opinion after using for several months...
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Thread: My Opinion after using for several months...

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    Default My Opinion after using for several months...

    I started Elvis and Buddy D on the this food right after HK first posted. So far both totally enjoy it, I have seen a difference in their coats, very little scratching and for the first time since Elvis was a pup his tummy is pink. Even when on the raw his tummy was always dark.

    We have tried so many things from dry to frozen raw and this is the first time that they don't refuse to eat. Before I had to spend time coaxing them to eat now I never have to do this.

    I like it so much that I am on automatic reorder and the HK rep Chris is so easy to work with. I am saving quite a bit of money. Maybe I would save more if I made the food but I very seldom cook for Michael. When I was buying the frozen raw I was spending 65.00 a week and more now it is more like 30.00 maybe less. I do feed the turkey since they both seem to like it the best.

    I do add unsalted green beans because Elvis loves them, I only put maybe three into Buddy Ds and he leaves them for Elvis and Elvis thinks he is stealing from Buddy D. It is funny to watch since he sits back and waits for Buddy to back off so he can slither in to eat them.
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    You made my Friday :) I am so happy to hear they are doing so well! Thank you for sharing! Please post a pic of your pups - would love to see them. Also, this would make a great True Story! Check it out: True Stories | The Honest Kitchen
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