Bicycling with Your Dog: A Safety Guide
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Thread: Bicycling with Your Dog: A Safety Guide

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    Default Bicycling with Your Dog: A Safety Guide

    If your dog is ready to run marathons, another option to consider might be bicycling with your dog.

    The greater speed of a bicycle gives dogs the chance to really let loose without requiring an equal effort from a human companion, which makes trotting, sprinting, and even running alongside a bicycle an ideal choice for medium to large breeds that have a lot of energy and endurance. On the other hand, there are a few more hazards involved between four paws, two wheels, and a leash; read on to learn more about considerations for safer cycling with your dog.


    Just like humans are advised to consult with a physician before beginning a new exercise regimen, so too should your dog get a vet check-up to ensure they’re appropriately healthy to join you on your cycling adventures. They should be free of issues with their bones and joints and with good, strong lungs and hearts. Younger puppies whose bones aren’t through growing and older dogs with arthritis can ride along instead, in a basket or bike trailer designed for the purpose.

    Your vet might warn you against heat exhaustion and overexertion, which are the more common risks associated with this kind of activity. Build up your dog’s stamina by starting slow, taking frequent breaks for water, and stopping if you notice he seems tired or is panting or drooling excessively.

    Temperament, too, needs to be part of your dog’s health considerations. If your dog is easily frightened or easily distracted, or has a high prey drive, or a prey drive that includes bicycles, you may need to invest in more training before trying to bicycle with him. A guideline that may help you determine whether he’s ready is whether he can heel consistently on a lead despite other obstacles or distractions. Heeling, and the ability to follow basic verbal commands to turn, speed up and slow down are vital to a dog’s safety—and yours—while bicycling.

    Read more here.

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    really? do you know who your audience is? This is a PUG message board.....I want to say NO ONE should be doing this with a pug, but there may be one or two pugs who are up for this, but overall it's not a good idea at all.....

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