Keeping Dogs Safe on Halloween
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Thread: Keeping Dogs Safe on Halloween

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    Default Keeping Dogs Safe on Halloween

    Fall is here; the air is cooler and crisper, days are getting shorter.

    But fall also reminds us of another thing: Halloween is here.

    Don't be scared. Many children enjoy dressing up as their favorite monster or hero or whimsical creature and going trick-or-treating, and adults enjoy opening their doors and giving treats to the throngs of smiling children.

    But what do you do with your dog during trick-or-treat prime time?

    Even friendly dogs can get stressed over a 2-to-3 hour period of nearly constant activity at the door. So what should you do?

    Leaving your dog outside isn't a good option.
    Unfortunately, far too many cases of animal cruelty occur on Halloween evening. There's also the risk that well-meaning children might give your dog a piece of chocolate, candy or something else that's not good for dogs.

    You could put a costume on your dog and have the kids take him along. But many dogs get stressed in a costume. If you want to do that, make sure the dog is used to the costume and enjoys wearing it. It should allow him to move freely and not inhibit his ability to pant or bark. Also make sure your child is old enough to recognize when the dog is getting tired or annoyed.

    If your dog is very social, you can have him go to the door with you. But remember: there will be a lot of strange looking, noisy people on the front porch, which can unnerve even the friendliest dog. Another concern is that a large dog or one that barks a lot might frighten some children.

    Read more here.
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    Good info. Thanks for sharing.
    Wonka sits on the porch with us to greet the kids, while Miss Nilla goes in her quiet crate to relax. Every dog is different so it's important to decide what will make your pug most comfortable.
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