I'm so excited to be able to chat with others who worship this breed as much as I do!

First a little about my pug history. I got my first pug when I was 15. My family had a pekingese at the time and as pugs have similar features, I started reading up on them. After learning about their wonderful personalities (pekingeses are great dogs, but not generally very 'friendly' which is what I was looking for), my family and I started looking for breeders. We found one near by, and right before Christmas of 1997, we brought home Peanut, our 6-week old new fawn pug puppy. My parents fell in love with Peanut, so when I went away to college, and later moved to Japan, they eagerly offered to take care of him.

Last year (I was still living in Japan) my husband and I decided to get a dog and I was able to talk him into a pug. He had never owned a pug but had heard me speak of them often so when we found a 9-month old fawn pug, we had to get him. My husband soon found out what I had been going on about for so long. He absolutely fell in love with our Pecan. What's even more funny is his ENTIRE family fell head over heels for Pecan (they even have pictures of him hanging up in their homes in Japan!)

We were finally able to move to the US this summer and of course Pecan came along. What's even more exciting, is I've been able to take over caring for my now 13 year old Peanut. So we have 1.5 yr old Pecan and 13 yr old Peanut.

Pecan is still pretty jealous of all the attention we have to give to Peanut (he needed A LOT of medical treatment when we got him back from my parents- around $600 worth!) so we're dealing with that.

Peanut was never fully house trained- we tried and tried, but he never caught on. At his old age, we were prepared for lots of messes. What's amazing, is that after we showed him that we'd feed him after he did his business outside, he hasn't messed in the house once. Not once!! Of course food did the trick! He may be 13 but he's still a pug! Also, he although he's basically blind and deaf, he still loves to follow me everywhere. I have to put my hand in front of his nose for a sniff, his tail will curl right up and wiggle, then he'll follow me all over the house- sometimes I wonder if he remembers me, as he doesn't follow my husband so much. He's such a little angel and I love laying next to him as he naps. I'm sure my darling Peanut doesn't have too much longer, but I am so grateful for these wonderful moments.

Well my intro post has become longer than expected but I hope you have an idea of our household now. If you have any questions I can help with, esp on senior pugs, international travel with pugs, or pug immigration, please ask! Oh and any and all advice on pug jealously is welcome!! lol

Nice to meet you~~~

This is Pecan!
YouTube - Pecan.MP4