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    Default Hello All

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Taylor. I'm 22 and have been married for 3 years to my high school sweetheart. I'm from Omaha, Nebraska...born and raised. I'll graduate in May with my bachelors in Social Work. Right now I am an outreach worker at a drop in center for homeless and at-risk youth. I am momma to two super adorable shih-tzus (yes...i know...wrong breed), 8 rats (Lucy, Sally, Jelly Bean, Jacques, Pierre, Oliver, Nermal and Fred), and a very gentlemanly turtle named King Herman. As of yesterday I became a foster parent for Pug Partners Nebraska (shameless plug). No sooner than getting approved, I got my first pug "baby" (it was actually about 8 hours later) Titus is an 8-10 year old black pug who has vision problems (surprise) and I believe he is deaf but that hasn't been confirmed. He also has a hunchback and a bit of a limp. He is extremely happy-go-lucky and limps circles around our house. That's all I can currently think of about myself, but I'm sure I'll be lurking for a while :)

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    Hi & Bless your heart for being a foster mom for that little Pug guy! You might be about to become seriously "Pugged!" How is he getting along with your Shih-tzus? We look forward to getting to know you & your family, and I hope you will enjoy visiting on here as much as I do! Oh, and we love pics!

    Rugby 7/10/02 - 9/28/15 Miss you, little girl! You're always in my heart!

    Molly DOB: 7/6/04

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    Hello & to the village!! Thanks so much for fostering! Glad you found us!
    Jackie,Mom to Robbie & Stacy my human children and Tinker my furkid.

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    Hello and welcome! So glad you have joined and kudos for opening your home and heart for Titus :)

    Star ~ Mom to Phoebe the Pug and the feisty felines, Garbo & Jubei
    "Owning a dog is slightly less expensive than being addicted to crack.
    ― Jen Lancaster

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    Hello and welcome. Glad to hear you are fostering. You sure have quite the household. Did I read this correctly, you have 8 rats and a cute turtle. Must have pictures of them and the shih-tzus and Titus too of course.
    Pug Mom to Chester
    Zoey, Eddie and Roxie have moved on to the bridge

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    Lisa/6 Beautiful Pugs is your go to person for senior problems of any description.

    Mr. Pug might benefit immediately from eye drops/see Lisa. Thank you for volunteering to be a foster parent, you are very much needed.

    Social work is a hard, lonely and sometimes dangerous path. But you may be able to change the world forever by changing one life. I volunteered for a time as a 1-800 volunteer for street kids. One of them assured me that he wasn't hungry because a Catholic priest had packed him a sack of mayonnaise sandwiches.

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    Hello and to PugVillage. Glad you have joined us and look forward to seeing pixs of your gang. Thank you for fostering.
    We never touch people so lightly that we don't leave a trace.

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    Welcome and thanks for being a foster mom!

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    Hi, trailer. I found you on a search for Omaha. I live in Omaha as well. My husband and I are getting our baby pug, Ozzy on July 9th. Looking forward to meeting others from the site and possible play dates in Omaha. How are things with Titus? Has he found his forever home yet?

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