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Thread: First time dog ownerbringing in pug puppy into home of three horrible cats. Please give advice~

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    Omg, this was a lot to read. Thank you to everyone who replied to my post! I appreciate it so much!

    The pug I was going to adopt got sold before I could purchase him. I found another one that I am planning to adopt on Friday. I wish I had read all these comments earlier, then I most likely wouldn't have agreed to buy the new dog. I really want the dog, but after what everyone had to say I doubt I will adopt one.

    I really appreciate all the honesty! I'll will reply again if I get the pug. I know that I will need all the help I can get.

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    Welcome to PV. Thank you for doing the research prior to jumping into Pug ownership. I wish more people showed this kind of forethought. I'm sure you're disappointed but you've made the responsible decision for yourself, your cats, your family and, of course, the Pug.
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    I think all of the posts here are full of very valid, well thought out and realistic advice.
    Pugs are NOT cheap.
    Pugs are perfect companion dogs that thrive on intense interaction with people. They are gentle, loving, loyal and cute but they are NOT cheap, low maintenance dogs.
    I'm disabled, live on around $900 a month and own 2 pugs (ages 7 & 9). I would never be able to provide them with quality food or health care if I did not have a "Pug Emergency" savings account. I contribute to it monthly by selling-off assorted, small, personal possessions that I no longer really need on eBay.( From the age of 18 until I was 36 I lived and worked abroad in Germany, Hungary, Turkey, The United Arab Emirates and South Africa so I have LOTS of goodies.) My goal is to put aside at least $50 a month. The second thing I would like to stress is simply that...
    Pug eyes + Cats = BAD IDEA.
    I hope you will think carefully about the situation.
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