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    Default Hello from a Newbie!

    I just wanted to introduce myself and my Pugs. I don't think I can post pics yet, (correct me if I'm wrong) so I will just tell you that my husband and I own two fawns named Violet and Alfie. They are out of the same dam and come from champion lines, though they're both companion dogs. To describe our girl Violet, we often use terms such as "beautiful, queen, princess, lady" and our boy as "handsome, dude, baby prince". They're collectively known as "the bears" because we feel they look like teddy bears. Violet is incredibly loving and Alfie is too, but much more laid back.

    We got Violet first just under 3 years ago. I had always wanted a Pug (never had a dog before) and finally my husband and I decided the time was right. I almost got taken in by a BYB (who advertised her "extra small male" for sale and sent me blurry iPhone pics from 10 feet away) and am so thankful that I was already in contact with the reputable breeder from whom we got Violet and she set me straight on some things. Now whenever people ask I always try to relate my experiences and steer them toward a reputable breeder (and how to know what to look for) and away from a BYB or "designer breed". A year after we got Violet, we brought home Alfie, her little brother. They are thick as thieves! One day when we have settled down and have our own home, we would like to add a black Pug or two to the mix. We could not ask for better pets.
    Chelsea's All About Me aka Violet born 4/9/09
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    Welcome to PV. It's good to see an owner who does their research prior to getting Pugs. An unhealthy pet can be heart-breaking, not to mention bank-breaking.
    Chris, owned by Minni the diva, and "Sugar" Ray the ever hungry.
    Ray has since crossed the bridge but stays forever in my heart. I love you, Boo Boo. Oscar Wilde Thang has joined the family.
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    Welcome to the Village!
    Shayna Pugs
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    Hello & to the village! So glad you joined! Looking forward to seeing pics of your two.
    Jackie,Mom to Robbie & Stacy my human children and Tinker my furkid.

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    Sounds like you have one very happy Puggie household...Kudos for going the reputable breeder route...You're reaping the benefits! Welcome

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    welcome!! can't wait for pictures!

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    Hello and to PugVillage. Glad you have joined us and look forward to pix of your Puggies.
    We never touch people so lightly that we don't leave a trace.

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