Health Issues; My 8 Month Old Pug
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Thread: Health Issues; My 8 Month Old Pug

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    Exclamation Health Issues; My 8 Month Old Pug


    My name is Krystal,and on August 11th my parent's got me a pug. He's 8 months old, and we named him Zeus.

    Up until a few days ago, he would lie on the floor, roam around, sniff everything, I'd wash his face, and his wrinkles life was normal, but then some thing changed...

    Yesterday, and the day before Zeus would bump into a few objects, which I thought was a little normal, my older Black Lab,Thor, did the same thing, and still does. But then last night, he needed help climbing up onto the bed, he didn't seem to want to all that much.

    Then today in the morning, when my room was sightly dark, Zeus stood at my wall, and was just staring at it. I brought him up on the bed, was petting him, then moved a backpack so I could lay down and cuddle, but when I called him, he went to the backpack, until I patted the bed beside me.

    Then, when I let him out to go downstairs, he hesitated at the top of the stairs, then when he did go down them he missed a couple, and actually fell down the stairs. Yet, when he went to turn a corner that had Thor beside it, he did fine, and didn't hit anything, until he went to the back door, and tapped his head on a chair leg.

    I don't believe he's fully blind, but I'm worried he might be slightly blind. His left eye looks completely fine, but his right eye the pupil is almost always big, and wide, and sometimes it looks like the light reflects off of it different.

    Before we take him to the vet, I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas, or thoughts on what may be the problem..



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    Sorry I can't help, but please get him to see the vet ASAP. You may want to ask for a referral to a specialist.
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    Hello & to the village! I agree with getting him to the vet ASAP. Please let us know what the vet says.
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    I agree, eyes are not something to trifle with or delay. If there is a veterinary ophthalmologist near you, go there before your normal vet because you will save money in the long run and get an accurate diagnosis quicker. The visit will be more expensive, but more than worth it in the long run.

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    I hope you can get him in to be checked out right away by your vet and, if needed, get a referral to a specialist. His young age and the sudden onset of the vision trouble is alarming. Sending positive vibes for Zeus.
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    This definitely warrants a trip to the vet or a specialist if you can get to one without being referred first by a vet (we can't in the UK).

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    Yes, vet please as quickly as possible. Pug eyes always need to be taken very seriously. If you have an eye specialist in your area, try to get an appointment. Otherwise, see any reputable and experienced vet.

    It is a sad fact, but pugs have sensitive eyes and are very prone to both injury and other eye problems. My boy pug who is only 2 years old has had 8 (!!!) minor eye injuries and suffers from early pigmentary keratitis (dark spots on the cornea). And this is despite us being very dedicated pug parents, who have always given him lubricating eye drops twice daily (at least), carefully choose which dogs he gets to play with and avoid any areas that appear to be eye hazards. Most of the eye injuries have appeared without us even knowing the cause. Probably a grain of sand, a small flower seed or even sharp grass has been the cause. And you can't avoid those things, if you want a pug to have any kind of life. Each and every time we have seen him squint or seem irritated in his eyes, we have called the vet. Luckily, our regular vet also specializes in eyes. So, considering this, I recommend making a list of all available eye specialists in your area because you're likely too need them over the years.
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    You've already gotten good advice so I just want to welcome you to PV. Sending positive thoughts for a good outcome for Zeus.
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