My 8 month old female pug - help!
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Thread: My 8 month old female pug - help!

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    Default My 8 month old female pug - help!

    Hello, I have an 8 month old female put who is in her first heat and my mother has taken it upon herself to decide to breed her and find a male without my knowing. She has met with the male once and they connected. She came to me almost 12 hours later drooling excessively and wanting attention. Is this related at all? Is 8 months too young to breed and is she going to be okay? I am so worried about her. This was done without my permission and against my wishes of having her spayed. I just want to make sure she will be okay. any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    I feel so sorry for you right now. What an absolutely disrespectful thing to do. I would be livid if it were my mother. Possibly to the point of never speaking to her again, for putting my dog at risk. What on earth was she thinking?

    In answer to your questions; yes. 8 months is definitely too young too breed. There are always dangers with breeding and pugs are a high risk breed. They do need cesarians more often than other breeds. Many things can go wrong and there is always a risk that the bitch doesn't survive the delivery. It is not for amateurs, and should never be undertaken unless you have both knowledge to handle pregnancy and birth, and the funds to pay for pre natal care, possible emergency c-section and aftercare. Also, you need to be able to stay home and take care of the puppies for at least the first four weeks. Pugs are notoriously lazy mothers and a too young mother is at risk of being even less dedicated to caring for her young. Pug mothers may even lie down on top of their puppies and unthinkingly kill them. You need to have the funds to take the pups to the vet. for exams and shots.

    If I were you I would call a vet. A.S.A.P. and ask what can be done. I know that doggie abortions are possible. If I were you I would much rather do that than put my underage girl through pregnancy and labour and possibly risk her life.
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    You have a medical emergency. When she is out of heat, SPAY her immediately to save her life. She is too young to breed, even mature pugs have many difficulties in whelping.

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    I agree, have her spayed as soon as you can. Welcome to the village, I'm sorry you found us under these circumstances but hope you stay and enjoy this site. Please post pics of your girl.
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    I agree with what the others have said. Does your mother not know the shelters and rescues are full of unwanted puppies and dogs because owners breed unresponsively? I hope you little one will be ok. I would go to the vet and see if you could have this pregnancy terminated.
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    I agree with the others and am livid on your behalf. The salivation might have been fear and stress. Please let us know how she fares.
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    Your Mother's behavior in this instance is completely unacceptable. Positive thoughts going out to your puppy and I mean puppy.
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    Your mother was wrong to do what she did!

    I would talk to your vet about what to do....and when to do it! Spaying is a possibility, but should not be done for a bit after heat as there could be bleeding problems. Your vet will know the right procedure.

    Accidents do happen......the AKC will not register a bitch that gets pregnant before 8 months old. So...that is done. However, not the best case scenario! It is not recommended to breed a bitch til 18 months old or 3 season!
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    WTH is wrong with your mother??????????????
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    Yeah ... no offense, yo' momma needs a whippin'! (just half kidding ...)

    My friend's little girl became a mom before she was one year old. Zoey survived, however, she is much smaller than all other female puggas I have known.

    Ask your mom if she thinks it is right to allow a human girl to become pregnant after the first time she has her period. That's about the best way I can compare your little one becoming pregnant before she is mature enough to do so.

    Please see your vet. It's gonna be rather heart-breaking to have your girl go through an un-necessary procedure. It's gonna be more heart-breaking if you lose her. Also, your girl may not be able to be a momma after this.

    Love and prayers for both of you !
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