It's me again!
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Thread: It's me again!

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    DefaultIt's me again!

    Hello everyone.

    It's been months. I'm sorry I've been away, I've missed the village. Let me begin again.

    I'm a much-besotted human belonging to Talos, the best dog to ever live.
    She's a complete goofball

    She's also getting old, and spends the vast majority of her time napping in one of many sunbeams or cool shady spots, if she doesn't have a lap handy. Luckily she's otherwise well, for the most part, and seems to enjoy that she can join in on walks by getting into the baby's pram.

    We share our house with Vim the Pomeranian mix, a floofball who is both guardian, playmate and footstool for the rest of us.

    The little one is Vivaldi, who is now ten months old (when did that happen?!). She's crawling like mad, and pulling up on everything. She's started taking a few tentative steps around the coffee table while holding on. A friendlier, more playful baby you have yet to meet. Talos was a bit reluctant about this baby thing at first, but since she started eating solid food (and food began raining from the sky), their relationship has changed for the better.

    I'm back at university, studying a masters degree in urban design - it's wonderful, challenging, inspiring... and a lot of work!
    The other half is changing jobs to work from home a lot more (the charms of our little girl...) over all, we're very well. I hope the same is true for all of you!


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    Well, about time, young lady. We have missed you.

    I'm glad all is going well and that Talos is coping with the interloper who must have been taking up much of your time (and who is gorgeous). Still, food from on high is always a good thing.

    Love that video!

    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!

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    Hi! So lovely to hear from you!

    Glad to hear that all is well with you and that Talos is now appreciating having a mini human who is a convenient food dispenser around!
    Bree, Xanthe and Darwin

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    So good to hear from you again! Glad things are going well!

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    NINA!! So good to hear from you and with a vid too!! You all stay well and continue doing what you are doing it seems to agree with you.
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    ~~mary - loved by Colbie the Vizsla Pug, plus many featherpugs! Remembering our heart pugs Bug and Sugar at the Rainbow Bridge with Sissy the Chihuahua Pug

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    So glad to hear from you! I love the "siblings" sharing food!!
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    Jackie,Mom to Robbie & Stacy my human children and Tinker my furkid.

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    Yay! Nina is back! So nice to see you on here--we've all really missed you! I guess I could go on Facebook & try to keep up, but it rarely occurs to me go on there......How can little Vivaldi possibly be 10 months old already??!!! She is a perfectly beautiful little baby, & won't be "baby" for long! So glad Talos & Vim consider her "one of the Pack!" You must be so busy, going back to University & all! So happy to see you back, & very glad that all is well with you & your family!
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    Rugby 7/10/02 - 9/28/15 Miss you, little girl! You're always in my heart!

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    It's been a good week here at PV. First Ed (Freak) returns and now Nina. back, Nina, so good to see you here again. I see your photos and posts on FB but it just seems so much more personal here. Vivaldi is growing way too fast - how can it have been 10 months already. Glad Talos is doing well. The video is priceless. Congrats on returning for your Masters.
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    Welcome back!!! I loved the video, so sweet to see them sharing a banana. And it was such a treat to see the cute picture of Talos, too. I'm so glad things are going well for you and I hope you will stick around.
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    Happy update ! We lost some of our favorite Pugs since you have gone . And gain a few new pups to follow on their journey to adulthood. Loved seeing the Baby and Talos of course .

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