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Thread: Hello :)

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    Default Hello :)

    New to the forum.

    I don't actually have a pug (i hope this won't be held against me) but my cousin got a beautiful male pup a few months ago and is keen for me to involve myself with certain aspects re breeding as i have experience in breeding horses/enjoy the general aspect of responsible breeding and welfare etc and she is keen to do things correctly and have guidance from those more experienced. I can't post in the breeding forum as of yet so was just saying hello. p.s. i have my cousins full permission to post any info/pics of her dog and ask any advice etc and she will be kept in the loop about anything we discuss.

    I have worked in boarding kennels many years so have met a fair few pugs but i have never delved into their lines/breeding/conformation/deeper health concerns etc before so im keen to know more about all of this :D

    The pug emoticons are amazing by the way!

    edit to add: i see many here are from the USA so if anyone is from ireland/uk that will be helpful lol
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    Breeding can be a bit of a controversial topic of conversation I'm afraid! As I'm sure you are already aware badly bred pugs can have really serious health issues. If your cousin has purchased a quality pup of good breeding, then the breeder of that pup will have ensured that both parents have been fully genetically tested and x-rayed etc for potential defects and possible infections before even contemplating breeding them. Provided this breeder has carried out these vital tests, they are also the best person to advise you as to whether or not breeding from this particular puppy is going to help improve the breed or not and advise you on the bloodlines you might consider in your breeding program. Obviously as a responsible breeder, your cousin will also need to get these costly tests carried out first before even considering whether or not to use him for stud.

    I'm speaking from a British perspective, but here in the UK the owner of the stud dog doesn't approach prospective owners of bitches for a breeding arrangement. It works the other way around. The preferable method is that the dog becomes known in the show rings as being a true to type specimen and the more winning he does, the more his stud services are sought. So unless your cousin is going to show, his breeding program will be somewhat limited unless he also acquires his own breeding bitches. I bred show Bearded Collies many years ago, but I wouldn't remotely consider breeding pugs. There's a very reputable breeder of top show winning pugs on here that I'm sure will have some things to say about this, but just for a start, many pugs can't breed naturally and you would have to use artificial insemination and many bitches can't birth naturally without an expensive caesarean. Veterinary costs can be astronomic, and the litter rearing very intensive requiring round the clock care of the dam and pups. So I can't say that I'd recommend an amateur to get involved in this unless they are closely supported by a very experienced breeder of pugs as so much can potentially go wrong.

    The other thing to consider with pugs, is that they very much are first and foremost companion dogs that need very close human companionship in order to thrive and be happy. If your cousin's first priority is for their pug to be a pet, then they also need to consider the implications of how using any dog for stud work can impact on their behaviour in the home eg increased territorial spraying etc

    Hope this helps a bit!
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    Thank you for your reply, that is all very helpful. The breeder is very involved and we have records of all the tests already carried out on the pup + parents (though i need to do a little more learning to know what im reading lol!) and they have advised she bring him back to them to do a sperm sample for fertility and a look over conformation/personality before even thinking about studding. At the moment it is all just gathering information and knowledge before even deciding if it is something that will happen. There are not really a lot of shows here were we are so i think a lot goes by the breeders names/lines and the genetics/traits the dogs will help pass on. My cousin specifically chose this pup because he has the health tests/dna etc done and the breeders knowledge. She is already aware that natural breeding may not always be possible so is looking into what that all involves.. The pup is and will always be a family pet and that will always take paramount to all, so she is also aware that his behaviour will need monitored. We just want to make sure we make an informed decision about all aspects :D
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    Hello and to PugVillage. Glad you have joined us. Suzie has given you some excellent advice and things to consider.
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    Hello and welcome to PugVillage!
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