Going to look at pugs this weekend!
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Thread: Going to look at pugs this weekend!

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    Red face Going to look at pugs this weekend!

    Hi! I'm about to enter into the world of pugs soon.

    I've wanted one since I was 6 years old and my neighbor had one. I thought they were called Chinese mugs for the longest time lol.

    We had 2 pit bulls and a mutt until 2 years ago. We said goodbye to our old boy Luke in 2019 and my old man Blackjack 3 months ago. Now we have Koda, a 4 year old female pit left and she's the sweetest most submissive dog I've ever known.

    My husband knows I've wanted a pug forever but we haven't been in a financial situation where we could afford to purchase one and deal with the ongoing upkeep of a pug...

    But last week, he told me it was time. We'll be down one daycare payment as my son starts kindergarten next year and our house could use more love.

    I found a breeder and have been obsessively looking at their current litter and past litters to get a feel for what my pup may look like. There are two I have my eye on but I'm keeping an open mind that I may or may not find the pug for me when we go Sunday.

    I've never really picked out a dog. Luke was my husband's, I adopted Blacjack from a pound after seeing his picture once, and Koda wandered into our yard one day.

    Any advice on picking the "right pug" would be appreciated.

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    I am a retired breeder and I show my dogs. If you message me, I might know the person you're going to see.

    Is the person a member of any clubs?? Do they show their dogs?? If they do not....are both parents on site?? For those of us that show...many of us have semen shipped so that we can do the best breeding for our future! In todays age, the parents might not be Champions...but there should be Champs in their pedigree. Can you see the pedigree of said pups?

    Where are the pups being kept?? Do you get to see all the pups?

    Did the person you're getting your pup from question you about pets in your past??

    Are you comfortable with the person that bred the pup?? It's important...as they should be in your life for the entire life of the pup??

    Do you have at least 7 days to get your pup to a vet of your choice for a health check?? What will they do if something turns up?? Will the take the pup back at any time in his/her life should you no longer be able to care for it?

    These are just a few.....
    Shayna Pugs
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    I don't believe they are members of any clubs but they do have both parents onsite and aren't show dogs. We are going to meet them in person this weekend and I'll get to see for myself the conditions they are living in and the parents. I will definitely make sure the conditions of the agreement allow for health issues.

    We aren't in any rush to get a pug if the fit isn't right :-)

    Thanks for all the questions to make sure we are prepared!
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    I have no advice to offer since I've never picked out a pup from a litter, but I wanted to send you best wishes and welcome you to PugVillage!
    I look forward to hearing all about about your little pug after you've found the perfect one for your family!
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    Hello and to PugVillage. Glad you have joined us. Diane gave you excellent advice. Hope it all works out this weekend and you find your new Puggie puppy. Please let us know how it goes.
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    I just found another breeder who's pugs come APRI vs. the ones I'm going to see this weekend, which have no official paperwork for myself. I haven't heard if they have bloodline info available yet. They are accepting cash, Venmo and Zelle for payment and I'll get a receipt for the deposit. I've seen great reviews for them but I'm always nervous about getting into a bad situation.

    I'm going to send pictures of the two I was looking at from the first breeder. My heart says "get one before someone. else does" but my head is starting to say "be patient. Wait until you see the pups from the 2nd breeder and if it's right, they'll still be there"

    The second breeder's pups are 2 weeks old and she said she'd send me some later.

    Yellow Collar Pup #1

    Orange Collar Pup #2

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    Default Going to look at pugs this weekend!

    What is APRI ? Where are you looking for breeders ? Venmo Zelle sounds strange to me . I personally only will have a dog from a breeder associated with the Pug Club of America. AKC means nothing to me I seen puppy mill pups on they breeder referral site. I got 3 pugs . Each has a different breeder one came from NJ one from PA and the new pup from MI.
    I like my pets to look like a representative of the breed, healthy and have certainly have the personality I expected that breed to have.
    I also do not get any puppy before 12 weeks preferable 15 . A good breeder will honor that request !

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    don't send any cash, transfer any money etc......there are too many puppy scams out there
    please see the puppies in person first.....anyone can make a website with cute puppy pictures
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