Today marks one of the saddest days in my life. My beloved baby grandpug Montgomery Marie has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Gummi was born in Hartsfield, Alabama to a backyard breeder. She passed two pugs infected with demodex onto a groomer. My daughter and her then fiance stopped in and fell in love with this tiny pug, who crawled into Brandon's pocket. By the time they got home with her, nearly all her hair had fallen out. She was treated for months for Demodex and a heart murmur and survived, then thrived.

Gummi wormed her way into my heart. I already had Rumy, but Gummi had this way of endearing herself to me. When my daughter lived with me, Gummi woke wake up in the morning and charge into my room. She would then attack me, biting my feet and hands, usually while I was trapped on the toilet. She ate with gusto. She played hard, fighting with much bigger dogs and winning. She loved to play and would usually bring me a soft toy as a peace offering. She wore her Alabama Crimson Tide T-shirt with pride. She loved her daddy especially and would squeal with delight when she saw him, even if he had just left the room for a second. She loved riding in the car, eating cheese, and giving kisses.

Tragically, Gummi was another victim to the horrible disease Pug Dog Encephalopathy. Her diagnosis was swift and terrible. She only had acute symptoms for about 1 1/2 hours before she was practically unresponsive.

Gummi leaves behind her heartbroken mommy Marissa, her devastated daddy Brandon, her uncle George, her aunt Tatiana, her soon to be uncle Ryan, her brother Rumy, cousin Roxi Lou, cousins Reggie, Mudd and Sabie, her grandparents Branch and Carol of Alabama, and her grandmother "granny goose" Patti from Florida, plus many other loving friends in Florida and Alabama.

Gummi's motto was "Play hard and love big". In her short three years of life, she brought so much love in the world. We believe she is with God, giving Him kisses and biting the toes of all the saints.

Gummi, I will always miss you, my beautiful baby pug. I will love you forever.