Our Annie girl 11/05/2001 to 9-22-2010
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Thread: Our Annie girl 11/05/2001 to 9-22-2010

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    Default Our Annie girl 11/05/2001 to 9-22-2010

    We have 5 beautiful pugs. As everyone here, we treat them like our children. We have no human children so we can actually keep up with their energy level!!

    Our little Annie, who was petite, always had breathing difficulties. We just had a consultation done this year with the vet after she had a dental. She recommended it was not bad enough for surgery and might be at more risk with the anesthesia.

    We let the pugs go do their business very quickly in the summer heat and then "count heads" when they come in. Well, yesterday, my husband, by pure mistake, did not count heads. He went to see a neighbor of ours and was gone less than one hour. But in that hour I was still sleeping until I heard the other dogs barking. So, I got up to see what was wrong and there was Annie on the porch gasping for breath. I scooped her up, sprinkled some water on her and ran out to the car. It just so happens, at that time, Ron was pulling into the driveway so I got in and we sped like crazy to the vet's office. Annie was already losing bowel function as I held her and told her how much we loved her and to please stay with us. I administered CPR, but halfway there, she left this world in my lap. When we got her to the vet, she said her core temperature was 106 then, after she had cooled off some, so there would have been nothing we could have done at home.

    Of course, we feel guilty. We are very aware of pugs and heat and we were particularly careful with Annie Girl. She was our Alpha and very fiesty!!! :) We buried her in the back next to our Bubba, with her beloved Binkie. Annie also intensely watched TV. We could NOT watch the Animal Planet b/c she went nuts, barking and kicking her little back legs.

    We have lost dogs before, but never like this. I just cannot stop the picture of her lying on the porch looking at me for help. That and the fact that she must have suffered, is something I cannot bear. It seems to get worse with each hour.

    I just wanted to write this in honor to Annie Girl. At birth, they had to rub her heart to keep her alive. She had spunk though and made it. I used to be very judgemental when I read about dogs dying in the heat, but now I know how easy a mistake can happen, even for the most loving and caring people.

    Will you please light a candle for Annie Girl?

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    In memory of our sweet and sassy Annie Girl, November 11, 2001-September 22, 2010

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