Duke was my Aussie daughter's German short hair. They made the decision last week to let him go peacefully. Duke had seizures and last week while having a seizure he aspirated liquid into his lungs and had aspiration pneumonia. A few months ago he had laryngeal paralysis, his life was saved by emergency surgery but it left him at risk for aspirating. Duke had a wonderful life, he was 12 and my daughter's child. He was well known at the beach and the lake, he loved to help fishermen, was known to have photobombed more than one wedding and yoga lesson that my daughter was teaching.He and the black swans at the lake tolerated his antics, they had a mutual understanding. He loved to catch jelly fish and star fish, took himself for walks with his leash in his mouth. No one could have done more to keep Duke healthy and and alive that Gena and Kent did. He will be missed by so many people but especially by his mom and dad. Rest in peace Duke. You were well loved and will be missed.