What a nightmare!!!! Lost my Ben....so suddenly!!!!

He was a wonderful boy....and my heart!!! I didn't get a chance to really say good bye or prepare as it happened so suddenly. We think he aspirated when he was trying to throw up! From a healthy 10 yr old the night of the 5th...with him sleeping on my head....to waking up to him trying to puke and then unable to breathe. The horrid trip to the vet.....and then......

So blessed to have had him in my life...all our adventures....all our cuddle time! So blessed to be surrounded by his kids!!!! They make my heart full......The smiles come when I think of certain memories and when I look at his kids....but the tears still flow freely often when I think of him.

There will never ever be another Ben for me!!!!!

Hold your babies tight!!!!! You just never know!