I hope this post doesn't upset anybody too much and I apologize in advance if it does so. It's weighed heavy on my heart these last few days. I thought I just get it out here.

I came across a hit pug on the street across from my home one night. Small little boy maybe 10 months or so. No collar or anything I could see. From my quick turn around I could see he was still moving. I gathered him up from the street and onto the grass area of the nearby school. Still warm. I gently tried to feel for a heartbeat. He sorta did a small chest collapse and then, nothing. I couldn't leave him there so I gathered him up into my car and we went home.

I knew I needed help to pick him on and onto some plastic so I went to my mom's room but stopped myself from knocking. We have Yuri our pug here who is really close to her and I didn't want her to see the poor baby outside in my car with his injuries.

The rain started to come down and I went back to my room instead. Had this little one had a better home, he wouldn't be where he is right now. But I don't think I'll ever know the real story of how he was wandering alone at night and met his horrible end. Couldn't leave him in my car alone for much longer. I wasn't going to throw him in the trash or abandon him off to be taken by the elements.

I've never buried a pet. It hurts my chest to think of the day when I may have to say goodbye to Yuri. But there I was near midnight digging a hole out under our lemon tree with the lightning and distant thunder and heavy rain. I wanted him to have his forever home here with us. I placed him there. A small plot of about a square foot, he was that small. I have a small angel figurine, treat (Yuri ate when we were not looking), and a battery operated candle. I'll plant some small wild flowers there when the weather gets better here. I gave him the name Hammy. Not sure why, it's a cute name. I'm going to get him a proper collar and name tag too, to place on his plot. The area looks miserable around with all the bad weather we had but I'm motivated to make it more beautiful for him because he was beautiful and I'm sure he would have grown into a handsome little guy. Hope the pic comes out okay.