It's been a while, I should have posted this earlier. I copied and pasted what i put on FB. We lost Frannie on 6/26/21, after having her since 12/18/16

Frannie came into our lives on 12/18/16, a tiny, petite little lady, who was pulled by young at heart, a wonderful group that rescues only seniors and only from kill shelters. She landed there after a life of popping out puppies. She was dainty and precious, tipping the scales at just 12#ís. I never saw an adult pug that tiny. My mom resisted getting another dog after we lost Paddy, but one look at Frannie And it was love at first sight. We couldnít say no, especially after we introduced her to Louie, and she confidently walked right up and gave him a big kiss. She was estimated to be around 12 at that time, but the vet said she might be older, but was in great shape all things considered. I canít understand why anyone would throw her away. The breeder must have cared somewhat about her because she showed no signs of abuse or neglect. They said she was spayed before she was dumped, so the breeder cared enough to do that instead of putting her to sleep when she developed pyometra, but why dump in a kill shelter if you cared? It doesnít make sense. One good thing is that she was absolutely perfect when getting her nails done, something you donít see too often with pugs. She didnít play with toys but loved laying in the toy pile. She brought joy, happiness and love to everyone who knew her. We love and miss you baby girl