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    Default housebreaking options

    I wanted to thank all the breeders that took the time to stop by and say hello at Global Pet Expo. I wanted to also thank all of you on Pug Village for allowing us to share our story

    The concept of an indoor dog potty was unheard of a few years ago. In that past, we were told that we needed to control and master our dogs. For many of us, that old adage has disappeared. My dog, Kippers, is part of my family. I care for her as such, and find a comfort as her tale taps the floor when I walk in the door, always sniffing my purse for the treat the waiter at lunch sends home.

    My work as a nurse sometimes kept me away for extended hours, and after a few accidents in the house, I realized my dog needed to be comfortable when I was out earning the kibble.

    Also, while volunteering at our shelter, I noticed the number one reason people would abandon their pets was housebreaking. It always saddened me to see a person tearfully bringing their pet to a shelter, not knowing their fate, begging and praying they find a loving home, but always uncertainty.

    So what if we can remove these barriers to pet companionship and adoption? What if puppies were offered something more sanitary then a pad to use and chew, or elderly dogs were no longer expected to navigate stairs or anxiously wait our return.

    I thank you for helping us tell our story and share the concept of allowing our pets the comfort and dignity of an indoor dog toilet. Not meant to replace walking your dog, but for times you can't be home, weather does not permit for a walk, travel with your pets made simple..... just a thought!

    I am proud to be part of the pug village family. Keep the photos coming!

    Kathleen Hillman, Donating Member

    Best Indoor Dog Toilet
    Piddle Place proudly supports shelters and service dogs.
    Allow your pet the comfort and dignity of an indoor dog toilet

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    It's for very similar reasons that we litter box trained my puggy :) Are you guys by any chance available in South Africa?

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