Please allow me to share a tradition with you in hopes you find happiness this holiday season with those you love from Piddle Place.
For the last 30 years my family and friends gather at my home to celebrate the holidays. Prior to this tradition, it was more like the photo above.
While at the table now, here is our tradition

1 Everyone takes piece of paper, and writes down the the 10 things they are most grateful for this year.

2. Everyone take turns reading their list during dessert.

3. At the end of dinner, someone is designated to be a keeper of all the lists from that year.

4. The next year, in addition to this years sharing, previous lists are read from 5 years past by the keeper. Imagine how our lives and happiness changes over the years.

5. In my wallet, I carry lists from years past. Thoughts my father had of love and happiness when he was alive, visions of happiness our children had when they were only 7 years old, now they are adults.

I hope this share helps make your holiday more special. I look forward to hearing of your traditions. Family photos welcome!
Kathleen Hillman