Help please, your thoughts and suggestions appreciated.
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Thread: Help please, your thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

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    Default Help please, your thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

    I wanted to reach out to you all please to get some feedback on the size of the Piddle Place. Our company is now delighted to be part of PetSafe, and still share the same mission, to remove the barriers to pet companionship.

    Can you please take a moment (ask your friends if needed) What would be the perfect size for an indoor pet potty. The Piddle Place is 20 x 30, large enough for our pug babies, but we have had requests from breeders and groomers (and of course larger breed dogs) to offer a larger size, I just don't know how big is big enough.

    Please, your thoughts our idea are most welcome. We are looking at a part that joins 2 or more piddle place together.

    Since we support many shelters and humane causes, we want to be careful about where we spend our time and resources.

    I am most grateful for any feedback and insights weather it is for your dog, or just your thoughts in general please.
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    Joining multiple piddle place's together makes sense to me... you wouldn't want a single one to be too large or it might become overly complicated and unwieldy to ship/transport, assemble, clean, etc.
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    A click and lock system sounds like a great idea (as wonka & nilla has said)

    Size wise i am not sure sorry.
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