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Thread: For Honor and For Safety

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    Safe journeys and so many thanks for the protection he and the crew offer us. As I say over and over, our kids need to go into service just like Israel and Sweden serve 4 years, mature and have pride!
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    Seems there is a bit more to this story than meets the eye:

    The Protesters, The Veteran And The Flag—An Instant Ethics Train Wreck In Georgia | Ethics Alarms

    Read to the end.

    Actually, I think if we quit instilling in a scrap of fabric so much emotional baggage and power then it would never be used as anything more than it was originally a means of identification. By giving the flag so much emotional meaning, we give people the power to use it as a tool...both our enemies...and those domestically which would use it to rally us to commit acts we would not normally consider in the name of patriotism.

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    Ellen, I read your post to my DH, a former Marine with many ship hours (early years Vietnam Vet). He was so angered about the flag and so moved about the ship. He has put your son and his ship in his prayer bowl marked "until it returns home". Brought me to tears. Made for interesting breakfast conversation.
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